MOD Outfitters Draco SBR

*Donated by: MOD Outfitters

Romanian Draco parts kit

*Donated by: Century Arms

7.62 x 39 cal

Full heat treat receiver

ALG AKT trigger

AK Builder triangle side folder stock / rear trunnion

Polish Laminate hand guards

Magpul AK grip

US made Slat Compensator

Magpul AK pmag

Black cerakote

The Suppressor

Dead Air Silencers - Wolverine PBS-1

*Donated by: Dead Air Silencers

AK optimized silencer

Interchangeable thread inserts (14x1mm LH installed)

High temp / erosion resistant Stellite baffles

Classic Combloc styling

Modern internals

* Includes both NFA stamps!

** Note: The rifle may have furniture different from the above picture.


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